Last day for comments on Campus Landscape Master Plan

The Campus Landscape Committee will meet on Thursday October 29, to review comments and vote on whether to forward specific comments to Phil Graham Studio for inclusion in the final product.  The comment period runs through today Monday, October 26 at 5:00 p.m.Faculty comments have been coming in, but no student comments have been received as of this morning.

Phil Graham Studio has estimated that it will take roughly one month to incorporate changes advanced by the committee.  Once the final document is completed, the Committee will view the document as the interim working plan until such time as the Board of Trustees can adopt it (possibly as an addition to the Campus Master Plan), a process that will involve additional opportunity for campus community, as well as public, comment and testimony.

Two hard copies of the draft plan are available on reserve in the Library and one may view the document online.  The college has set up an online blog for posting comments.  Any additional comments received will be included in the blog, as well as  a link  so the public may review them prior to Thursday’s meeting.

Contact Jono Miller at for more information.


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