New College Appoints Zamsky as Dean of Studies

New College of Florida has appointed Robert Zamsky, associate professor of English at the College, to the newly created position of Dean of Studies.

In the June 18 announcement, Provost Stephen Miles praised Zamsky as a “very effective leader on academic issues” and a talented advisor who is “committed strongly to student success.”

Robert ZamskyThe Dean of Studies position replaces the Associate Provost position. The new dean’s responsibility is to create a seamless relationship between all offices serving students, including Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Enrollment Services.

The College’s intent in creating the dean position is to promote students’ academic success and strengthen faculty advising, thereby continuing to improve the College’s student retention and graduation rates, Miles said.

Miles cited Zamsky’s work as chair of the Educational Policy Committee, where he helped the faculty come to agreement on a diversity course requirement, and as member of the committee, where he contributed to the adoption of a policy on internships, in response to a new state policy.

“Robert is particularly eager to find creative ways to harmonize our values and culture with external forces,” Miles said.

Zamsky said he was “both honored and excited” to accept the appointment.

“This is a new position that promises to play a significant role in shaping how the college goes forward, and I’m eager to shape it into something of ongoing use to the college,” he said. “I think this is a moment of great opportunity for the college; we have some really terrific people in place – not least Provost Miles and President O’Shea – and I very much look forward to working with them.”

Zamsky joined the New College faculty in 2007 and received tenure in March. His academic interest is the field of poetics, the theory and history of poetry. His recent work has focused on the relationship between music and poetry in post-World War II America, and is the subject of his upcoming book.

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