Is It Still College Without Football?

May 1, 2014

Temple University in Pennsylvania and the New College of Florida are keeping costs low by cutting amenities and some varsity sports. But will running this play make them less attractive to applicants? A small number of universities are starting to go against the grain, reducing amenities and frills in favor of keeping the costs relatively low. […] Donal O’Shea is the president of the New College of Florida, the small honors college for Florida’s state university system. There, costs have historically been kept to a minimum by not offering extracurricular sports and amenities.


  1. Kafi Benz

    Congratulations to New College—having a president who chooses to use money for education not for extracurricular sports and amenities!

  2. Scott Baker

    One of the best things about New College is that Sports do not interfere with funding or education.

  3. Paul Wojtalewicz

    There is a tragedy going on in our educational system. ‘Semi-pro’ athletes are on the decline in favor of ‘college’ athletics. This has the doubly negative effect of tainting the college experience with programs that have little to do with education and replacing paid positions for athletes with unpaid.

  4. Catherine Jones Davies

    Another of the many reasons I’m proud to be a Novo Collegian!

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